Ysgol Abersychan School

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The email addresses for all members of the senior leadership team:

Mr P Collins (Headteacher) Phillip.collins@torfaen.gov.uk 

Mrs K Powell (Deputy Headteacher) Keri.Powell@abersychanschool.co.uk

Mr A Ager (Assistant Headteacher) Anthony.Ager@abersychanschool.co.uk

Mr D Mutlow (Assistant Headteacher) Daniel.Mutlow@abersychanschool.co.uk

Mrs C Rumble (Director of  Wellbeing and Pupil Support) Catherine.Rumble@abersychanschool.co.uk

Mrs C Rumble (Young Carers) Young.Carers@abersychanschool.co.uk

Ms L Entwistle (Director of Teaching and Learning) Laura.Entwistle@abersychanschool.co.uk

Mrs B Edwards-Lloyd (Business Manager) belinda.edwards@torfaen.gov.uk


The email addresses for all Heads of Years are:

Mr G Jenkins (Year 7) Gareth-John.Jenkins@abersychanschool.co.uk

Miss K Harry (Year 8) Katie.Harry@abersychanschool.co.uk

Mr P Loukisas (Year 9) Paul.Loukisas@abersychanschool.co.uk

Mrs C Rumble (Year 10) Catherine.Rumble@abersychanschool.co.uk current acting head of Year 10

Miss B Jones (Year 11) Beth.Jones@abersychanschool.co.uk and current acting Head of Year 11 Miss S Morris Sophie.Morris@abersychanschool.co.uk  


The email address for all subject leaders can be found below:

Art (Miss E Davey): Emma.Davey@abersychanschool.co.uk

Design and Technology (Mrs J James): Jennifer.Tyler@abersychanschool.co.uk

English (Ms L Bruton): Louise.Bruton@abersychanschool.co.uk

Geography and History (Mr B Evans): Barrie.Evans@abersychanschool.co.uk

I.C.T (Ms K Reeks) Kate.Reeks@abersychanschool.co.uk

PHSE (Mr D Thomas): David.Thomas@abersychanschool.co.uk

Maths (Mr D Evans): Darran.Evans@abersychanschool.co.uk

Modern Forgein Languages (Mrs M Wilkshire): Michelle.Wilkshire@abersychanschool.co.uk

P.E (Mr P Michael): Paul.Michael@abersychanschool.co.uk

Preforming Arts (Mrs R Jenkins): Rachel.Jenkins@abersychanschool.co.uk

Science (Dr O'Connell): Charlotte.O'Connell@abersychanschool.co.uk

Skills Challenge (Welsh Baq) (Ms L Entwistle): Laura.Entwistle@abersychanschool.co.uk

S.N.R.B (Mr R Price): Richard.Price@abersychanschool.co.uk

Welsh (Mr C McLean): Carl.McLean@abersychanschool.co.uk





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